New York times runs surprisingly balanced report on Santo Daime for rehabilitation of prisoners


“We are considered the trash of Brazil, but this place accepts us,” said Darci Altair Santos da Silva, 43, a construction worker serving a 13-year sentence for sexual abuse of a child under 14. “I know what I did was very cruel. The tea helped me reflect on this fact, on the possibility that one day I can find redemption.”

Aya: Awakenings VOD

  The groundbreaking shamanic documentary Aya: Awakenings is now available for viewing on Vimeo on Demand: . Featuring the artwork of Pablo Amaringo, Andy Debernardi and more; written by Rak Razam and directed by Tim Parish, video editing by Verb Studios, soundscapes by Lulu Madill and music by Shpongle, Tipper, Darpan, Lulacruza, Maneesh de [...]

AYA: Awakenings USA tour Jan-Feb 2014 Featuring the artwork of Pablo Amaringo, Andy Debernardi and more; written by Rak Razam and directed by Tim Parish, video editing by Verb Studios, soundscapes by Lulu Madill and music by Shpongle, Tipper, Darpan, Lulacruza, Maneesh de Moor and curanderos Norma Panduro, Guillermo Arevalo, Percy Garcia Lozano, Ron Wheelock and Kevin Furnas, this documentary [...]

Site Updates & Rebirth

We’re in the process of updating in order to better serve, represent, and accomodate the flow of information, knowledge, wisdom and awareness of ayahuasca. Thank you for your patience.

Indigenous Plant Diva


Cease Wyss, our “Indigenous Plant Diva”, is a hip, urban Aboriginal single mother, video artist and community leader. She shares her traditional knowledge of plants that can be found throughout the streets and everyday spaces of Vancouver, reminding us that the medicines are all around us in our urbanized environments.

The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss


The soft-cover printed copy of Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss, by Dennis McKenna, is now finally — finally! — available on Amazon.

Out of the Jungle and Into… ?


Curated by Jerónimo M.M. “out of the jungle and into… ?” is a collection of news, videos, articles and essays regarding the interconnected and ever-evolving world of ayahuasca, shamanism, ethnopharmacology, psychedelic research, healing practices…

On the Subject of Ayahuasca


Ayahuasca Pinterest, by Steve Beyer

A collection of items from around the Web on the subject of ayahuasca, especially as they demonstrate the remarkable infiltration of the ayahuasca meme into western popular culture. Curated by Steve Beyer

Public Statement to the Ayahuasca Community

We offer our most heartfelt condolences for the Nolan family on the tragic loss of their son, Kyle. We, the undersigned, people who had direct experience with Shimbre, or have concern over what has transpired, believe Kyle was not given this medicine in a safe or supportive traditional environment. During the Shimbre ‘incident’ we believe this sacred medicine was administered by an irresponsible practitioner who did not follow the ancient traditional practice of staying with the seeker or student to insure physical and spiritual safety.

Ayahuasca Healing: Medical, Legal, and Cultural Considerations

MAPS 25th Anniversary Conference, Oakland, USA, December 8th-12th, 2011

Bruce Perry making shaman film

Pure ecstatic bliss at sense of oneness in animated moonlit nature. Simplicity, love of the earth and community are all that matter here now.

Could Natural Treatments Have Helped Amy Winehouse?

While the ways that ayahuasca helps some people to overcome addictions is not entirely understood, the volume of people claiming success with addiction or dependency points to something well worth knowing much more about.

Rainforest activists murdered in Brazil

The bodies of Amazon rainforest activist Joao Claudio Ribeiro da Silva and his wife Maria do Espirito Santo are carried to burial by friends and relatives, in the municipal cemetery of Maraba, in Brazil, on May 26, 2011. The identity of those responsible for the shooting in northern Brazil on Tuesday has not yet been [...]

PhD about the anti-depressive potentials of harmine

There seems to be a very productive moment in Brazilian biomedical researches on ayahuasca. I am pleased to announce the publication of a new text in our site about the therapeutic potentials of harmine, an alkaloid present in the vine Banisteriopsis caapi (compenent of the ayahuasca brew).

Immediate Justice for Javier Armijos

Javier Armijo is one of the leaders in the conservation of Ecuadorian rain forest through ecotourism, and a member of the newly formed Dutch foundation “Save the Native Forest”. On the 20th February 2011 he was hit by a truck of the PROINPETROL oil company. The Company do not answer calls from any of the relatives.

Brazil judge blocks Amazon Belo Monte dam

A Brazilian judge has blocked plans to build a huge hydro-electric dam in the Amazon rainforest because of environmental concerns.

Ayahuasca Weaving Destinies

Summary: Ayahuasca (or yajé), the sacred plant remedy of the Amazon, has been the subject of academic studies, travel narratives and documentaries but rarely do they tell the inside story. This novel lifts shamanism out of the category of anthropology or self-help to reveal how the mysterious powers of yajé highlight the debilities of those [...]

From Medicine Men to Day Trippers: Shamanic Tourism in Iquitos, Peru

Evgenia Fotiou’s PhD dissertation; “From Medicine Men to Day Trippers: Shamanic Tourism in Iquitos, Peru” argues that shamanic tourism is not an anomaly but is consistent with the nature of shamanism, which has historically been about intercultural exchange, as shamanic knowledge and experience has been sought cross-culturally.

2010 SAC Conference Audio Online

The Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness held its 30th Annual Conference; Curing Minds: Consciousness and Healing, in March, 2010. Audio from the segment entitled Perspectives on Ayahuasca Healing is available now on the SAC website.

Globalhuasca Wisdom

A seminal interview with Dennis McKenna, Ph.D on the evolution of ayahuasca and the entheogenic movement and the imminent tipping point on planet earth the movement parallels.

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