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Could Natural Treatments Have Helped Amy Winehouse?

This is not an endorsement to venture forth and consume psychedelics. But there is unquestionable promise in the careful and judicious use of some psychoactive plants for the treatment of drug-related problems. Combined with other lifestyle approaches including counseling, detox, diet and exercise, the psychedelic drugs may eventually occupy a distinguished spot in the full pharmacy of addiction treatment options.


  1. The value of ayahuasca is that it can produce a spontaneous TRANSFORMATION of some of “initial conditions” in our Life Algorithms. These “initial conditions” include hardwired beliefs about “how life is,” and they play out again and again in our lives. I call these repeating patterns “stress fractals.” And yes, if the stress fractals associated with the drug life-style are transformed, the person can experience that their cravings have dropped. Other methods that can produce a spontaneous transformation include breathwork (such as Holotropic Breathwork and re-birthing), sweat lodge rituals, and anything that “heats up the emotions” enough combined with the intent for healing.

    I’ve developed a system to rapidly decode these stress fractals, and to facilitate a “conscious transformation” of the codes. Clients have dropped cravings from chocolate to crystal meth .. and alcohol and sex. Further, they see themselves in a different light, stress is reduced and they are happier. While such a shift CAN occur spontaneously in the context of therapy, usually it does not — because 1) they are not using a model that produces transformation (instead it produces better COPING) and 2) the intensity of emotion necessary for rewiring these beliefs is not reached. Ayahuasca and the ceremony in which it is used is about healing. I’ve known people who have experienced it. However, the results are not so much about the substance that is used. Results derive from intent for healing combined with intensity of emotion … and it helps to understand the model of transformation.

  2. Revolting Rich says

    I have struggled on and off for YEARS (over a decade) with hardcore crack and heroin addiction. I have been in three treatment centres plus 3 prisons and tried all they had to offer.
    I have also tried hypnosis, acupuncture, meditation (difficult), Rational Recovery, AA/NA, NLP.
    Each has given me some limited success, but in the end I always go back.

    I feel like my life keeps repeating itself, like I haven’t quite ‘got’ something. Or perhaps that my brain is just hardwired. The truth is that I really don’t know why I go back. Its gotten to the point where I don’t even enjoy the buzz anymore, and that thought does help me stay cleanish, but I feel like I need a total spring clean of my brain/soul. I feel like the heroin cushions my emotions perhaps?

    I really agree with the comment about that these techniques are more ‘coping’ mechanisms rather than ‘recovery’ from addiction. I want to RECOVER, not live in a temporary recovery. I don’t think I can take much more of this.

    Do you think that ayahusca would help? Is there any people out there that do ceremonies specially geared to help people like me?

    Can you do this whilst on a subutex script? (buprenorphine).

    Thanks for reading this.
    Revolting Rich

  3. shari says

    Rich… please check out a man named Stewart Wilde, he has a website. He is doing healings & knows all there is too know about ayahuaska. Its all about your fractal codes being re-wired. He will be in Las Vegas this fall doing healings. There is also ibogaine treatments that cure heroin addiction. Keep the faith…. addiction is much like crawling out of hell without a flashlight. Stewart Wilde also has a friend kris Krepick that does remote healings for $200. These are very powerful healers…… I can promise you. You can find Kris thru Stewarts website. I think i may of misspelled Kris’s last name but you can find him thru Wilde. I was a long term drug addict also & nearly lost the faith a million times. Hang in there. May the angels be with you & carry you thru.

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