Year: 2012

Public Statement to the Ayahuasca Community

We offer our most heartfelt condolences for the Nolan family on the tragic loss of their son, Kyle. We, the undersigned, people who had direct experience with Shimbre, or have concern over what has transpired, believe Kyle was not given this medicine in a safe or supportive traditional environment. During the Shimbre ‘incident’ we believe this sacred medicine was administered by an irresponsible practitioner who did not follow the ancient traditional practice of staying with the seeker or student to insure physical and spiritual safety.

In the Woods with Baphomet

This is not a book review but a personal visionquest in the woods accompanied by The Book of Baphomet
The newly evolved deity Baphomet is the all encompassing energy of Life we all meet in our enthogenic journeys. SHe is the Great Spirit, the Anima Mundi we all need to feel more connected to. The Deity Baphomet has got his deep ecological voice with the help of 5-MEO-DMT and I believe this book might inspire the journier with new ways of working with this energy while having fun. A great read!!!

Food Medicine Life

This is a path of uniting stories. An invitation into deeper relation with the many things that fuel, heal, and energize us; that which is alive all around us, co-creates with us. This a path of dissolving separation. A path of connectivity.

Ayahuasca Conference at Willka T’ika June 3 – 9, 2012

Hi, this is going out to people in the ayahuasca community who may be interested in this upcoming workshop at Willka T’ika in the Urubamba Valley of Peru. It is a beautiful retreat center located in the Sacred Valley within a day’s travel of Machu Picchu, Pisac and other Inca sites.  The retreat will include three ceremonies facilitated by Wayra, a young Quechua ayahuasquero who is well respected in the community.  I will be providing ‘entertainment’ on the off-days, making some presentations on the usual topics. See this link for details: Here is another link to the Willka T’ika main web site: Please join us if you can!  This year is the 100th anniversary of the ‘discovery’ of Machu PIcchu by Hiram Bingham.  Rumor has it that the site may be close indefinitely while they figure out how to keep it from being destroyed by too many tourists. So this year may be the last chance to see this amazing site for a while. Please pass this along to friends who may be interested, and …