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Codes of Ethics

The Plantaforma Code of Ethics (also known as the Code of Ethics for Organizations which Use Ayahuasca in Spain) was developed through a series of meetings among Ayahuasca organizations in Spain, including Santo Daime, União do Vegetal (UDV), Shuar shamans, Peruvian ayahuasca healers, Caminho Vermelho, psychologists, and other psychonauts. It is published in Spanish here

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  1. Caspar says

    Hi there,

    this link doesnt work for me. Would be quite interesting!

    Also, is there any web resource where i can read about the different medicinal plants and their function?


  2. Hi Caspar,

    Looks like the Plantaforma website is doing some maintenance. They should be back up & running soon.

    There are many resources online for medicinal plants. Do a google search for plants you’re interested in or plants that are in your region.


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