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Immediate Justice for Javier Armijos

Javier Armijo is a mixed-Huaorani, one of the leaders in theconservation of Ecuadorian rain forest through ecotourism, and a member of the newly formed Dutch foundation “Save the Native Forest”. On the 20th February 2011 he was hit by a truck of the PROINPETROL oil company. After their attempt to bribe the family, the oil company will not pay any costs of the hospital or indemnity. He’s seriously injured and he is currently unconscious in the Hospital del Valle (Valley Chillos) ECUADOR and the Company do not answer calls from any of the relatives. Only a RAIN OF EMAILS to PROINPETROL can reverse the plight of Javier & his cause and family.


Please continue sending new messages. Javier’s situation is very delicate. the mother forest will thank you for it and you will know that when you least expect it, thank you. new messages to the oil company that is responsible for javier’s concussion.

The company may be contacted here under “contactos”

Facebook page here:

Javier Armijos, mestizo-huaorani de ecuador y uno de los líderes en la conservación de la selva ecuatoriana a través del Ecoturismo, y miembro de la recién creada fundación Holandesa “Save the Native Forest”, el 20 de Febrero fue atropellado por una camioneta de la compañía petrolera PROINPETROL.

Después de intentar sobornar a la familia, la petrolera no se quiere hacer cargo de ninguno de los gastos del hospital o de indemnización. El estado de Javier es de extrema gravedad y en este momento está Inconsciente en el Hospital del Valle( Valle de los Chillos) ECUADOR y la Compañía no atiende las llamadas de los familiares.

Solo una LLUVIA DE EMAILS a la compañía PROINPETROL puede revertir la gravísima situación de Javier



  1. Joaquin Arano Bertran says

    Proinpetrol, no seais canallas, lo sabe el mundo entero, os aseguro que lo propagaré mas todavia, furtivos !, hijos de vuestra P madre, hasta Chevez os busca y os repudia.

  2. Hello. I am an American lawyer (Abagado).

    Depending on the facts and possible venue/jurisdiction questions, then I may can help the injured Mr. Armijo and his family. Liability for the actions of its employees may provide money for medical/living necessities.

    Please email if interested.


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