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Art at 2019 World Ayahuasca Conference

Coming up this May 31st in Girona Spain is the World Ayahuasca Conference.

The Conference gives a platform to Indigenous healers such as Manari Ushigua, ethnobotanists such as Terrence Mckenna, anthropologists such as Jeremy Narby, and many others to gather and share their work, thoughts and direction for our Earth’s Sacred Plants and the lessons they offer us.

Psychoactive plants were not always demonized and considered dangerous…. This demonization came primarily with European colonialism when it grabbed the America’s. For other cultures, these plants have been held sacred for hundreds if not thousands of years. Traces of substance, artwork and paraphernalia have been found in ancient sites from the Americas to Egypt. Just recently traces of Ayahuasca were found in a shaman pouch carbon dated at over 1000 years old.

These teacher plants were held in the highest esteem and usually reserved for the Priests and Priestesses. Today in indigenous societies the plants are still primarily taken by priests and curanderos. The psychedelic tourism and recreational use of these powerful plants is to be discouraged. Used with reverence these plants connect us to our Higher Self, reflect our  problems and help us heal emotional and psychological problems. Used recreationally they can be disorienting and dangerous.

Around the world, conscious people are pulling together forums, round tables and conferences for Indigenous healers, botonists and researchers to gather together in order to discover, exchange knowledge and educate the public about these magic teachers.

These platforms bring together an audience who understand and can deeply appreciate the visionary work of artists who have voyaged into their most profound Self via psychoactive plants, meditation or breathing methods.

Curators Sitaramaya and Gloria Valdez have organized five galleries to beautify the walls of the Conference. There will be 200 artists in total! A true visual bonanza. Included in this selection will be a Dreams & Divinities Gallery curated by Liba WS with over twenty painters.

Find here a link to the online gallery:

A Gallery for the World Ayahuasca Conference

For more information on the Conference:

World Ayahuasca Conference 2019

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