UDV Church plan brews unease

The UDV in North America are put under the spotlight in the mainstream news again :


SANTA FE, N.M. — A secretive religious group that fought a long legal battle for the right to drink hallucinogenic tea in pursuit of spiritual growth now plans to build a temple and greenhouse in a wealthy community here — to the dismay of local residents.

87 Responses to “UDV Church plan brews unease”
  1. KL says:

    Looking to connect with the UDV in Colorado. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Shurengoa says:

    I am located in Montreal, Canada. Would like to join UDV church nearby, willing to travel. Many thanks

  3. Truthseeker says:

    I currently live in Flagstaff and am looking for an information on a UDV in close proximity, with ceremony dates and times. Thanks!

  4. Lyn Stevenson says:

    I have learned most of my spirituality from Deepak Chopras teachings. I do meditate daily, however, I feel like I’ve reached a Plato in my spiritual growth. I want to experience a deeper consciousness and connection to the unified field and God. I would be grateful if someone could suggest an ayahuasca church in the St petersburg or Tampa Fl area. Grateful

  5. Morgan Maher says:

    Hi Everyone!

    Lots of questions about looking for ceremonies and churches.
    By & large, it would be unlikely to get a response here, or any public forum, and approaches certain legal grey-areas. However, you may find further info about churches, like Santo Daime, in the Ayahuasca.com Forums ( http://forums.ayahuasca.com/ ).


  6. Melissa says:

    Anybody that coukd inform me where can i get ayahuasca services at miami? i experienced several times the power of the teain Brazil and it had a huge impact on my life , would not like to live without it. if you know where please share…

  7. Julian Fox says:

    I have been wondering about taking part in UDV practices. I have been in search of connecting to my spiritual being and attempting to find myself through means of of psychedelics. I have known that DMT is a tremendous source to find this existence, and I am hoping to be able to enter this state. I also have read about the UDV and how their members become a more connected being. I am hoping to become a member, however I am curious if I need to live in the state in which the church exists and if so how do I help to form a chapter in NYC?

  8. Richard says:

    To heavenly minded, no earthly good, has been said.

  9. matt millem says:

    hello ive been wondering about about the UDV churches and if you are not a resident of Oregon or New Mexico would i still be able to partake also is there any UDV churches in Minneapolis Minnesota or nearby please email Matt at 84millem@gmail.com thanks

  10. Alejo Valladares says:

    I’m looking for a group in the north bay close to Sonoma county

  11. Bruce says:

    Is there a church in New York City? I would be very interested in exploring this, if possible. Thanks!

  12. Andrew says:


    I am really hoping you can help me. I am a resident of New Mexico and have been interested in participating in the
    UDV ceremony for a few years but have not had any help finding someone to get in contact with. Do you know anyone or anywhere I could go to find this information?

    Thank you so much,


  13. Steve says:

    I am interested in expansion practices. I have a friend who just went to the rainforest to have an experience and came back glowing and it has been months and he is still glowing. I am Pennsylvania, I am ordained… How can I experience this around here? Any location around Philadelphia?

  14. Hello. I have a problem I’m hoping you can help me with. I’ve read the posts, and I understand the need for a low profile, but there is something much bigger than myself pushing me toward your Church. I did the recreational “shroom thing” years back, but after my first experience with the plant extract, I now feel that this was what needed to happen, and that I am called (by something) to explore a much deeper path. Unfortunately, I have no friends that are Church members, and really don’t know where to start. This is not enough to deter me however. If this is meant to be part of my path, I feel that somehow, with some persistence, I will meet one of your members, or make contact. I do live here in Albuquerque, and would love to speak with someone to familiarize myself with your philosophy. I have read quite a bit about UDV, and am determined to learn more. I believe that tuning in to my true spirit was no accident, but it seemed to be only a part of a much deeper spiritual transformation that, in my case, is much needed. I hope to hear from you. Thanks, and God bless!

  15. Brandy says:

    Does anyone know of any UDV churches in Louisiana or close by. My boyfriend and his family attend in Los Angeles. I am very interested in getting back involved somewhere near my location. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  16. Brandy says:

    Please feel free to email me any information. brandyduchesne@yahoo.com

  17. Aaron says:

    Any contact info someone can give me here in miami?…..ive experienced it before and it was more than mind expanding, it healed me from the inside out and i know thi is th path of enlightment. I would appreciate anybody helping me out here. mail: blackuhuru92@hotmail.com

  18. Edwin says:

    Just wondering if any word on ayahuasca churches in fl?

  19. Any leads on a church in the Pacific Northwest??

  20. Alycia says:

    Very spiritually interested. Wanting to expand my reserch knowledge an experience. Has anyone got any
    Information???? Colorado area pls contact me with any information lyciag6612@gmail.com

  21. Nina says:

    Looking for an Ayahuasca Church/Group in Southeast Michigan. Seeking higher states of consciousness, enlightenment and Spiritual revaluations I experienced regularly as a child. Seems as I grew older and more “socialized,” I lost the ability to tap into higher consciousness, transcend into higher realms and connect with other dimensions. Meditation helps….to a point.

  22. Nina says:

    Looking for an Ayahuasca Church/Group in Southeast Michigan. Seeking higher states of consciousness, enlightenment and Spiritual revaluations I experienced regularly as a child. Seems as I grew older and more “socialized,” I lost the ability to tap into higher consciousness, transcend into higher realms and connect with other dimensions. Meditation helps….to a point. Email: ninasimonephotography@gmail.com

  23. Melissa says:

    Hi I am originally from Belem -Para – Brazil actually living in Miami and I would like to know if anybody knows about an UDV center or ayahuasca communities around Miami . I am familiar with the ayahuasca tea and its importance so if anybody can help me with any information pleas email me at : castelo.melissa@yahoo.com

    Thank you


  24. Hello, I read that you have a church in Colorado. I live in Utah. I have recently become disenchanted with religion and am searching other roads to higher self and I want to discover who/what God really is. For the longest time I have felt stuck and unable to move forward spiritually. I have often wondered if the UDV church could help me to do that. I have also wanted all of my life to live among people who care for others and desire to live in peace and service. I would like to interact with someone in that church? I used to speak Portuguese 30 years ago. I lived in Portugal for a year and a half. I don’t know if I could speak Portuguese again now though. Do you have information on how I can contact the UDV church in Colorado? Please respond.

  25. Ryon says:

    Hello, I’m trying to find a UDV church in south Florida. If you know of one please email me at rroyes@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance!

  26. Khari says:

    Very interested in joining UDV center/church or ayahuasca communities around Los Angeles. I have always known love to be ultimate truth in the universe however, have found it extremely difficult to find genuine like minded others. It would be a blessing to find others who are in tuned with the spirit world and know how to live in harmony. My email is kswayneinfo@gmail.com… Love All

  27. teiu says:

    I’m a student located in montreal. Looking to join udv for spiritual elevation and to gain understanding of karmic patterns.


  28. ellis dee says:

    I want to find Santos daime or UDV in the Denver metronome area….ive been practicing huasca independently, though I have been using legal plant sources (p. Harmala seeds & acacia, mimosa hostillis, and some others on the LIGHT side, p. Harmala does awesome as the FORCE half. Its still harmaline, & harmine (acting as the monoamine oxidise inhibitor) and DMT, though official huasca is b. Caapi and p. Viridis….I love my independent spiritual practice, and often prefer to do my work alone, however just knowing that there are REAL church’s and other people in the same practice blows my mind…I have always felt like an outcast spiritually…huasca is sacred, it is the doorway between the world of the living and the world of the dead…so I don’t talk about it or share with anyone….people I have met want the huasca for the wrong reasons, udv and Santos daime have the right idea…….anyway I got off track…all you out there seeking huasca you heart is in the right place but your seeking may ill become you…this isn’t something I take lightly…the purpose of life is to become fammiliar with the after death state so dying wont cause confusionin the Psyche of the dead….I believe this…most my trips have taken into the land of the dead….I have walked with God….I was torn to pieces by rabid demons…..I felt my body decompose into the earth….this was all real…more real that baseline conscious existance…tuck off topic again…I want to find a skilled religious entheogenic guide….I have always gone into DMT, huasca, psilocybin, and to a far lesser extent LSD (I don’t see Lsd as shamanic or really even very spiritual) alone…ive alaways thought even if someone was there what could they do? When your ego is dissolved and you have left the world of living humans even if someone was there and I got into hot water what could they do? There must be something to group use like Santos daime or UDV (something that I haven’t found on my own?) I want to know what it is……(by the way I don’t recommend going solo with entheogens to anyone, though its my method, one may risk unneeded psychic damage, its not the traditional way) (most shammanism is ordeal shammanism (where one fasts, goes into the wild, sweat lodges etc…) I take the bad trips as this same form of ordeal…..smoked DMT caused me to experiance a personal appocolypse, 200mg, and I was thrown into an ocean of death, I came to terms with my death, I tracked the between from death to rebirth…it was horror…beauty and horror…an ordeal that kickstarted my spirituality…I never believed in God the soul or the after life til DMT…now its all I think about….what is conscious existance? What is this “life ” I’m experiancing? Who and what am I? What am I doing here and what is the “here ” I’m in?…..nobody ever thinks of how strange existance is….it only gets stranger….death is not the end of anything…death is the start of the real journey…will you be ready? I have God and huasca has shown me the death world which we are all destined to meet……sorry bout the ramble, God bless you all, and may you all find what you are looking for. Stay spiritual human and world matters are not important….show others love and kindness and always keep God in your heart. Mother ayahuasca. Mother earth. Mother God.

  29. david says:

    to those asking about contacting the UDV in the U.S. or Canada:


  30. soma says:

    Hello. I’m curious if there is any udv or santo daime churches in portland area that are possible to get ahold of I’ve tried one in ashland but haven’t been responded to and don’t know if they still exist..i would greatly appreciate the info..gracias

  31. Russell says:

    I am a Brazilian/Ameircan and I just got back from living in Brasil for a year. During my time in Brasil I heard a lot about ayahuasca but never had the chance to actually do it. I am now a college kid and would like to have this mind opening experience because I feel like it will change my whole future for the better. I am not depressed or anything, I just seek new experiences and believe that this is something that I am prepared for. If there are any ceremonies in the Florida, preferably central Florida, area, I would love to take part. Thanks for the consideration and I hope everyone that does take Ayahuasca gets what they were hoping for out of it or maybe even more.

  32. austin spotts says:

    I would like info on joining a udv group in so-cal

  33. austin spotts says:

    I would like info on joining a udv group in so-cal. spottsaustin213@gmail.com

  34. steve says:

    i would lick to have a closer relaship with god .can aneyboddy please till me where i can find a santo daim church that i can joning ? i live in mississippi but i am willing to trivle aneywhere in u.s.a. plese let me no .my E MAIL IS crazyolemaurice1960@yahoo.com think you and god blis.

  35. Aaron says:

    I live in NYC and would like to find a udv church. Does anybody have any suggestions on where I could start? Thank you.

  36. Aaron says:

    I live in NYC and would like to connect with a UDV Church. Any advice on where to start would be incredibly helpful. Aaronbaxter7@gmail.com

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