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David Hewson’s “Mother Earth”

This beautiful guilded painting by David Hewson, Mother Earth, is 4 X 8 feet and was installed, on the 9th of January, in the entrance of a heart center for a hospital in the United States. David Hewson started it about a year ago, inspired by a doing a native ceremony outside of Cusco, Peru.

David Hewson’s unique artwork carries within it the heart and beauty of the Amazon Jungle, in which he lives, and its inhabitants: plants, animals, people and mythological beings alike.

More of his art can be found on his web page amaruspirit.org together with links and information about the other aspects of the jungle… the uglier truths of contaminations, roads buildings, injustices and deaths. Well worth a visit!


  1. Incredible to see something like this in a public space in the States. Do you all know if he had to bid for the project or if he was commissioned?

  2. Dave i did the same thing says

    Dave i did the same thing^^ I am going to use this specific pic to strengthen my iron hard will to visit the amazon where i can create a stronger bound to Mother Godess. Love the way he gets here on this pic it brought tears to my eyes upon the first sight of this beautiful picture. Great work! Thanks for the inspiration =)

  3. Dave i did the same thing says

    srry for my bad English. Greater knowledge starts at some point in life, now is the time for a change in world. Mother Godess will get all the help she needs to guide the lost souls to their bodys =) se you in the amazon jungle =)

  4. Dannielle Marie Delyea says

    This is the most beautiful vision I have seen, Yet.!!! Thank you To Jesus for sharing it. Thank you my sisters and brothers for carrying on the truth. Peace come over the Earth and us as well.

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