1. i find that the propagation of banisteriopsis caapi to be very simple from cuttings.i have learned that the vine can be grown in many regions through out the u.s.a. i live in a desert region and my vines thrive beautifully indoor with r.h. at around 10-20 % and temps. in the mid 70’s to 80 f.they live in a south facing window out of direct light.i also notice they like to be left in one place and not moved around,they ,well mine tend to yellow out leaf wise and drop leaves when moved around.they sprout new leaves when they are in their happy spots of the house.it has been rough finding their happy spots considering the temps and humidity issues in my living area.they have been through a greenhouse with r.h. at 80-90 % and temps as high as 90 and have made it through so far.they have been in my house of ethnobotanicals for 9 months and loving it.i am very happy.

    my psychotria viridis are getting leaf curl from lack of the humidity so i am going to build an indoor greenhouse for them.i notice they thrive in greenhouse temps all the way up in to the 90’s f.and as low as 60 f.i find that air layering is the best way for nice healthy cuttings.

    i also grow mimosa hostilis in my hostile environment and they seem to thrive well.i will place one outdoors in the shade this year and acclimate slowly to full desert sun when i know there are no signs of frost.

    my salvia divinorums thrive in the same conditions as the banisteriopsis,they are 2+ feet tall and have 1 inch thick stems from the soil up.

    i have trichocereus bridgesii seedlings for trade if anyone is interested.the desert sparrow can be reached by email at desert_sparrow@hotmail.com for trades or info on growing the entheogens mentioned above or any i have not listed.peace.

  2. P. viridis can be propigated from leaf cuttings, by burying the bottom half of the fresh leaf in moist, well-drained soil, high in organic matter. I ususally bury the leaves at a slight angle. Kept in the shade the leaves will stay green for a few weeks, sometimes even months, eventually small sprouts will emerge. Stem cuttings also work. I only have experience propigating P. viridis and B. caapi in the cimates in which they occur naturally. Grown outside of their preferred range these plants cannot be expected to grow and thrive optimally. Nor will they produce optimal results when consumed. There are plenty of analogue species (containting DMT and MAOIs)adapted to most regions of the world that can be grown with far better success.

  3. I had success with B. caapi. You must maintain a high humidity for the seeds to sprout and for the seedlings to grow. Place the seeds head down in moist coarse sand. After germination and root formation transplant the seedlings in a peat based soil. slowly decrease hunidity. Its a jungle plant so try to maintain those conditions as best as you can. Do not forget to ventilate to avoid mould. Hope this helps you all. Please check our shop at http://www.cactusplaza.com for banisteriopsis and more interesting seeds and plants.

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