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The Passing of Glauco Villas Boas

Raviv Angel

Glauco Villas Boas (53), the founder of Céu de Maria Daime church in Sao Paulo, Brasil, and his son Raoni (25) were murdered in Sao Paulo on the morning of Friday, 12 of March 2010, a day before his 53rd birthday.

I was honoured and moved, to be able to join friends at the church of Reino do Sol, Sao Paulo, Brasil, on the 15th of March, singing Glauco´s hymns Chaveirinho (the little Key). The experience left many seeds in my heart, but as the internet is not stable at the moment (due to rain) I would only send this short note at this moment.

The murder happened on Friday morning, around 0100 (local time).

People started gathering at Céu de Maria on Friday 1400, singing the hinario of Mestre Irineu ‘O Cruzeiro’ with neither maracas nor music. Three Ave Marias were prayed between each hymn.

The ceremony ended around 0700 when the bodies were then transferred to a house of a friend.

The funeral ceremony started about 1000 on Saturday morning and Marco was buried 10..30.

Close friends are telling that Gauco had never before turn down anyone from a ceremony. he believed in the healing powers of the tea, and all though many people were without an interview (an official requierment in Brasil) he never have refused to give them tea. This is said to be the only time he had told someone to go and get a psychological treatment before he comes back to drink. Raoni called Carlos Eduardo (who confessed the murders) about once a week during the past 6 months, in order to inquire how the treatment is going on.

He then came to the house around 00.30 with a gun to his head threatening to commit a suicide. Gauco tried to talk him out of it. there was a conflict. Raoni came and got in the way. he shot Raoni 4 times and Gauco 4 times.

Glauco is very famous in Brasil for his work as a cartoonist. some of his works can be found at

A month ago Glauco comforted a friend who mourned a death, “No worries, he is free and happy now”.

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