Santo Daime
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Guided by the Moon

Complete e-book on history and nature of the Santo Daime by Edward MacRae

Although the Daime works keep within the traditional shamanic parameters, one should take into consideration the remarks made by Couto, that, here, one is dealing with what he calls “collective shamanism”. The command of the works is held by more experienced shamans, but the shamanic activity is not, exclusively in the hands of a few initiates and all participants are considered apprentice shamans and even potential shamans. Taking part in the rituals is a way of learning the art, and it is thought that any of the participants of the ritual may display shamanic powers which are considered to be latent in human nature

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  1. Teleterkji says

    I enjoyed reading this.
    Shamanic powers are indeed latent in human nature
    and in the participation of a shamanic ritual with psycho-enhancing medicinal plants,
    the spirit of the shaman is encouraged to take part in the transformation process.
    I have met spirit shamans under the magic of mushrooms,and they have guided me on my journey.
    So we are talking of the presence of helpers,and the experience of their presence,helping us to find
    what we need to look for and to look at it,when it is being shown to us,with no fear.
    Thank you very much.

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