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Hyperdimensional Consciousness

“Mancipem quendam divinitatis qui ex hominibus deos fecerit.”
“… And Gods were made of men.”
Apologeticus, XI, in Migne, P.L., vol. 1, col, 386.

Whilst the Great Spirit is Whole, God expresses itself through an unrolling, an evolution in temporal reality whereby new evolutionary forms and intelligences emerge to express the transcendental possibilities of Divinity. This is an outflow of love that cannot be contained. Thus we have life, thus we have our lives, our relationships, our circumstances.

And how often we walk dull and fogged, evading ourselves. For many years I was unable to fully look another in the eye, to be from essense to essense, because I believed the tears and sicknesses of the society I’ve been born into were my own personal shames. I incorperated it. I am prisoner and jailer both, though the door is always open to leave the samsara.

An angel of the plants took me beyond the body anchored in space and time, to the periphery of the universe, and I looked back upon the great creation, and I saw in that immensity a pattern in the world systems, a dance of souls, a galactic pillgrimage across many lives.

It is time for us to claim the lived gnosis that we dance from life to life, and we must sew carefully our deeds for they create the conditions of rebirth. As I journeyed into my past I approached the struggle of birth, and as I moved through birth I felt the karmic resonances that had conditioned the circumstances of my present life. A poor indian dying on the ground from sickness the invaders had brough to the land, my dying mind filled with wrath and sorrow, but also in my curses an incomprehension that these people were not ‘other’ but also One with my being, just as my family and the trees and the eagle and jaguar are One with my being.

The actions and thoughts of past lives condition the ground for ones present existence – particularly the extremes that swing back and forth in the universes orientating toward unity, urging beings toward the comprehension of unity even within the polarised situations of war and invasion, genocide and injustice : unity is still the underlying ontological prime.

Great empires rise and fall as the archetypal geometry of the universe unfolds and elaborates in its song of unity, and we are scattered across the aeons. Scattered by war and strife, tragedy and misfortunes. Many of us have cursed in our dying thoughts the actions and violence of the perpetrators, and in doing so we have been born within those very empires. The universe teaches unity above all else, it is always just a transition to something else. And lo, we find ourselves again on the other side, as we dance from life to life, birthing and returning in the great creation.

Thus we grow and learn, transmigrating across world systems from life to life over, aeons, learning and refinding ourselves in the changing times. And we continue this round, until… ? Until the unity of creation is fathomed, and the deepest knowledge flowers within this relatedness.

With this knowledge we can forgive our burdens and realise that death is but a birth, a refreshment, a balm and a re-creation. And the rememberance brings a solidity… the changing circumstances and problems of life attain an epiphenomenal status compared to the deeper and older story. We must not live in distraction ! This world is a beautiful and deep miracle !

Fill the boat with only that which is real, for the passing times will not sustain illusion. Following with love and compassion the ancient path, in the great round, ceasing the causes of the chains of strife, and rebuilding life anew.


Transparent Creation

When one comes to the end of oneself, the body and mind persist, but they are simply running along, and one is in the free fields of spirit.

Aya makes my ego fear and tremble, but it feeds my soul. It humbles the loud and decieving inner voices, and opens up a place in which I feel one with the hyperdimension of spirit.

In that hyperdimensional state, i seek to align myself to the heavenly spheres, and be a warrior of juramidam. the juramidam hears me, and instead of destroying me, works to destroy the illusion in me.

Beyond the crippling negative self-images, there are no serious crimes committed against my brothers and sisters, and that most often, I want the best and feel compassion. A mommentum of self forgiveness accumulates, leading me out of my despair.

Edifices of illusion persist like holographic structures, but with the help of seal medicine I swim underneath them, up and out of the titanic wreakages of history, and open into the beyond.

The pure One sends me an angel to deliver me from the idea that Ayahuasca is always hard and tough work. An angelic presence beautifies my consciousness, and I am overwhelmed by its lightness, highness and purity.

A true light pierces the encrustations around the heart and this is the beginning of a turing, a deep reorientation, from someone who looks at the past and regrets, to a reborn one who faces the future and the light.

Standing upright, despite the sorrow in the stomach and the urge to sleep and die. Stand and persist to shake off the discarnate entities that hijacked life and lived through the body and ego.

Walk the flowery path to the vaulted dome of grandfather and grandmother trees. Underneath, thousands of tiny trees grow and and nurtured. We are those seedlings, protected and under the guiding force of the ancient ones who have come before us and have fully become.

To be a vessel, become one with its ultimate way through learning in the Gaian realignment. We are sons and daughters of the pure One, we all are. Listen to the pure One and make choices according to that will. Anything asked for or desired, will be paid for, by burning, burning all the ego-serving and trivial motivations surrounding goals, until the ways are pure.

There are many bands, many levels and spectrums of the mareacion, and with the pure and good songs sing and dance toward that transcendental place, the celestial court, where the King sits on his fairytale throne, the professor of professors, who is our friend, as from vast places and strange places we all draw close to him for guidance.

The wisdom of plant teachers gives an upbringing most of us never had, gives a true education, heals institutionalisation, and points the way toward the great story of how this came to be, momment to momment.

I feel like I have become a whisp of air upon a high mountain, nowhere to be found at all, with light shining right through.

I will end a hummingbird
sipping nectar from the sun.
Past is ashes. today is a new day.
The frequencies of light play.
out of the maze of self-grasping
The angelic domains, mandalic, encircling
And a new era has begun.


  1. afonso paulo says

    I hear words of enlightenment.
    I understand a song sung to our true self.
    The one particle of infinite within ourselves.
    I used to hear similar songs when I lived in Brazil almost thirty years ago. After reading the above revelation, I understood that even in the event of a total destruction of the physical universe, my existence is endless. I come and go forever together with the Whole.

  2. teleterkji says

    i enjoyed reading about your exploring the spirit.

    There is a true spirit voice in your oracular utterances.

    Vive la Ayawaska

  3. my inner voice told me that I needed to try this but now Im not waiting another day! Your experience is intriguing. I dont understand what you mean by seal medicine though, you should let me know.

  4. shaman-apprentice says

    the meaning of life is to be happy and make everyone around you happy, for all life is a miracle and so is nature

    reincarnation is real, we are only souls in a body, it took 4-5g of mushrooms to make me realize that

    we must honor our parents for we are very much like them in every way, our kids will be just like us

    nature is very important, i felt much closer to nature after tripping and i see it like i have never seen it before now (reborn i guess)
    all of nature and any living being is special to me now, got a bit more empathy as well.

    what you look like on the outside might change with age, but who you are on the inside never changes (although you might get a few more filters, which you can remove if you want)
    society may force you to change your outside appearance, but meditation or psychedelics can help you find your true self and happiness in life again which usually comes with it.

    you cannot change the world with money but you can change it by changing yourself, once you can accept yourself and the world the way it is (due to a greater meaning to it all) you can be happy.

  5. Jared says

    Who wrote this? It’s amazing…have you written anything else? I’d love to read it. Thank you for this, it’s deep and touching.

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