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The Ayahuasca Defence Fund — Brief Introduction

The Ayahuasca Defence Fund

A Brief Introduction


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In the month of June a crowdfunding campaign is being run to help people who have run into legal difficulties as a result of their involvement with The Spirit Vine.

The Ayahuasca Defence Fund (ADF) will be a worldwide, permanent fund providing defence funding for legal cases involving ayahuasca and other teacher plants, and to lobby for their legal use for those who need and want it.

First and foremost, the Fund sets out to provide:

  1. work with people facing prosecution worldwide to assure the best legal strategy and defense

  2. advocate for sensible and tolerant legislation and public policy

  3. educate and protect the global community by providing a reliable information and resources


The Fund is administered by the Expert Committee formed at the ICEERS’ World Ayahuasca Conference in Spain in 2014, a group of the world’s foremost legal practitioners, academics and researchers in the field of ethnobotanicals. The Committee administer the Fund according to published criteria to ensure best practice and desirable legal outcomes in cases supported.

We are all united in wanting to facilitate informed access to all those who could benefit from ayahuasca and other these teacher plants, safely, legally and without prejudice. This is a critical part of realizing this vision – please play your part in this collective effort and vision, give what you can. If you are not in a position to contribute please help us by sharing the link to the campaign by email or perhaps on your Facebook.

Yours in solidarity and hope,

The Ayahuasca Defence Fund Team

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  1. fernando maidana says

    I am using the translator of Google for not knowing English, it’s a shame that being the Ayahuasca of Latin America whose language is mostly Spanish, do not be on your page option leguaje Spanish should implement, not only to accommodate people Spanish-speaking, but as a gesture of respect for our Latin American people.

  2. admin says

    I agree Fernando, but we are a small team. Would you like to volunteer or know anyone who may be able to help?

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