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Don Pablo Amaringo makes his Passage.

Don Pablo Amaringo, one of the most significant artists of our age, shaman of the highest order, and teacher to many, died November 16th.

The world of art has lost a truly original visionary – a seer in all senses of the word. I think we all join together in wishing him a safe passage to the other side of the river… -Laurence Caruana

Many blessings, thoughts and love to those who knew him personally. His art will continue to inspire wonder in many generations to come.


  1. Thank you Pablo for your wondrous works! Safe Journey!

    Funny how he died on Terence McKenna’s birthday….

    In Lackech x

  2. DaVeed says

    thank you so much for all your guidance and divine inspiration. may the angels of peace harmony and blizzness guide your every moment of infinite beingness forever more!

  3. Dear Friends of ayahuasca. Here is a chance to help the students of Don Pablo Amaringo’s Usko Ayar school of Amazonian Painting. I spent four months in Pucallpa with Don Pablo teaching at the school in the hope of animating some of his paintings. I can say from experience that Don Pablo was an exceptional person, a great storyteller, and a charismatic figure in this otherwise drab city. We have used some of the proceeds of the sale of this CD which I recorded personally to help handicapped youngsters in Pucallpa get into the school.

    Love light and peace to you all,


  4. Very, very sad indeed. All artists should aim to paint sparks across humanity’s soul, and Pablo Amaringo did that most perfectly indeed.

    I hope his last days were peaceful and that his spirits gathered him up into the great collective animism that is the destination for us all.

    A visionary artist called Alec Pearson also passed recently – as his wife said to me ‘At least we have his art’. This is true of Pablo too – the man is gone but his visions remain with us, and for that I am immensely grateful

    Thank you, deeply, Pablo, for painting sparks across my soul,


  5. Incal says

    We cannot understand what you write…dont be sad anymore..Don Pablo is only out of the Body..he never dies..we are in contact with him in our hearts..did you all learn that not from him..our soul is immortal!!!!
    And Don Pablo is the Soul of this World…we know this for shure.
    The Incal, a real follower of Jesus Christus

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