One hundred renowned anthropologists, members of non-governmental organizations, and other specialists who have worked with native peoples in Colombia and nearby regions have signed “The Letter of the 100” an open letter expressing their support for the authorities of the Cofán people in their denunciation of the activities of Mr. Alberto José Varela involving Yajé, [...]



Cien prestigiosos antropólogos, expertos y miembros de ONGS, que trabajan o han trabajado en Colombia con los pueblos originarios, y en ámbitos afines, han firmado “la carta de los 100“ una carta abierta mostrando su apoyo a las autoridades del pueblo Cofán denunciantes de las actividades del señor Alberto José Varela relacionadas con el Yajé (también [...]

Representantes de pueblo Cofán emiten comunicado sobre Ayahuasca Internacional


Representantes del pueblo Cofán acaban de hacer público un pronunciamiento público acerca del señor Alberto Varela y la organización que preside, llamada “AYAHUASCA INTERNACIONAL” y una  supuesta “autorización” que Alberto Varela recibió por parte de la máxima autoridad tradicional del pueblo Cofán Querubín Queta Alvarado. El texto de cuatro páginas expone como la organización privada [...]

New York times runs surprisingly balanced report on Santo Daime for rehabilitation of prisoners


“We are considered the trash of Brazil, but this place accepts us,” said Darci Altair Santos da Silva, 43, a construction worker serving a 13-year sentence for sexual abuse of a child under 14. “I know what I did was very cruel. The tea helped me reflect on this fact, on the possibility that one day I can find redemption.”

Sex Drugs and Power

Sexual abuse by shamans in the ayahuasca community – an entry point into what it is, why it’s an issue, and how to understand and discuss it.

Energy Clarity Immunity: The Power of the Amazon – Live, Online, Interactive


This three-part series guides you through Amazonian plants: their uses, benefits, traditions, research, stories and magic. Live, Online Tuesday May 6, 13, 20 — from 7pm – 9pm MDT

Uña de Gato, Powerful Plant


An introduction and overview of Cat’s Claw, one of the most amazing and powerful plants on this planet.

Chanting Down Babylon by Daniel Mirante

1455176_10202113722158255_911699730_n (1)

Painter Daniel Mirante explains some of the meanings and symbolism in his latest artwork ‘Chanting Down Babylon’ in a video journey through the artwork.

Ayahuasca y Salud (Ayahuasca and Health)


An important new book, Ayahuasca y Salud, brings together perspectives from the social and biomedical sciences as well as personal accounts of ayahuasca shamans and practitioners in order to address diverse indigenous, mestizo and Western concepts of health, illness and curing related to the use of ayahuasca.

Indigenous Plant Diva


Cease Wyss, our “Indigenous Plant Diva”, is a hip, urban Aboriginal single mother, video artist and community leader. She shares her traditional knowledge of plants that can be found throughout the streets and everyday spaces of Vancouver, reminding us that the medicines are all around us in our urbanized environments.

Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss – release Imminent!

I have heard rumors that quite a few people are interested in my upcoming memoir, The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss.  I wanted to let you know that Ebook versions will be available on and starting Friday, November 16th. The printed books will be coming out a bit later, probably shortly after Thanksgiving. [...]

Exploring Plant Consciousness


Join Howard G. Charing, the “Medicine Hunter” Chris Kilham, Steve Beyer, and Sitaramaya of the Amazon Convergence, for this groundbreaking series where we will explore techniques to communicate with the plant world, accessing their elder species wisdom for personal and collective healing.

In the Woods with Baphomet

This is not a book review but a personal visionquest in the woods accompanied by The Book of Baphomet
The newly evolved deity Baphomet is the all encompassing energy of Life we all meet in our enthogenic journeys. SHe is the Great Spirit, the Anima Mundi we all need to feel more connected to. The Deity Baphomet has got his deep ecological voice with the help of 5-MEO-DMT and I believe this book might inspire the journier with new ways of working with this energy while having fun. A great read!!!

Food Medicine Life


This is a path of uniting stories. An invitation into deeper relation with the many things that fuel, heal, and energize us; that which is alive all around us, co-creates with us. This a path of dissolving separation. A path of connectivity.

Visionary Nutrition


Featuring David Wolfe, Daniel Vitalis, Peter Gorman, and Morgan Brent, the course will explore numerous branches, among them: our natural diet, pro-active health, Cacao shamanism, remote Amazonia, the society of Nature, wild foods, domesticated people, amphibians, nootropics, plant dietas, imaginal hygiene, and the human flowering response. In the process, we’ll connect and create new perspectives with which to view, develop and inhabit the landscapes of spirit and vitality currently initiating.

Jan Irvin Talks with Steve Beyer

Steve with Flute

Steve Beyer is a researcher in ethnobotany, ethnomedicine, shamanism, and hallucinogenic plants and fungi. His interests center on the indigenous ceremonial use of the sacred plants — ayahuasca and other psychoactive and healing plants in the Amazon, peyote in ceremonies of the Native American Church, huachuma in Peruvian mesa rituals, and teonanácatl and other mushrooms [...]

The Jungle Prescription


Premiering tonight in Canada on CBC’s The Nature of Things, (8pm EST, November 10, 2011) The Jungle Prescription tells of ayahuasca and its encounter with the West, as played out through the story of two doctors; Dr. J. Mabit in Peru and Dr. Gabor Maté in Canada.

Ayahuasca: Beyond the Amazon – Risks and Challenges of a Spreading Tradition


By Stephen Trichter, Psy.D.

As the use of ayahuasca shifts to use outside of its original cultural context, we must examine how the spread of this healing practice can not only bring the benefits for which it was originally intended, but how its transfer into a new cultural framework potentially can also cause distress and harm.
(Painting by Augustin Lesage)

Howard Charing Talks with Steve Beyer

Howard and Steve

This is an edited transcript of a series of conversations between Howard G. Charing, author of The Ayahuasca Visions of Pablo Amaringo, and Steve Beyer, author of Singing to the Plants: A Guide to Mestizo Shamanism in the Upper Amazon. These talks took place during the summer of 2010, at the kitchen table and on [...]

Psychedelic Adventures at the Edge of the Abyss: The Ideas of Terence and Dennis McKenna


Join host Dennis McKenna in conversation with Daniel Pinchbeck, Ralph Abraham, Mark Pesce, Ralph Metzner, Luis Eduardo Luna and Erik Davis across four Sundays beginning June 5, for another intense Evolver Intensive, exploring the life and times, work and wonders of The Brothers McKenna.

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