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Peru’s President denies the existence of Voluntarily Isolated Indigenous People.

Isolation out-of-choice. A tribe in Brail

Amazing new footage of a tribe under voluntary isolation from brasil.

One of the new threats to these tribes are the migration of Voluntarily Isolated Indigenous Peoples from Peru, escaping illegal logging and oil companies.

Peru’s president, Alan Garcia, has publicly suggested the Voluntarily Isolated Indigenous Peoples do not exist. In an article published in Peru’s El Comercio newspaper in october 2007, he is quoted saying:

“Against oil, they (the environmentalists) have created the figure of the ‘uncontacted’ native jungle dweller; that is, unknown but presumed, and thus millions of hectares cannot be explored, and Peru’s petroleum must remain underground while the world is paying US$90 per barrel. They prefer that Peru continue importing its oil and getting poorer.”

PLEASE watch the footage and sign the Petition urging Alan Garcia to Protect the “uncontacted” tribes of Peru!


  1. Jared Horton says

    For some reason I can not watch the footage, so if this isn’t the petition part, could someone please put this in for me if possible?

    To President Alan Garcia, I implore you to see that these “uncontacted” tribes are of no harm. If I could, I would also live in this way. And I see absolutely nothing wrong with living in this way in the first place. Humans have a right to live however they wish. Thus meaning they can live like indigenous people. They do what they do because they feel it is right…and it causes no harm to others…so I see no reason why you shouldn’t protect these tribes…In my personal opinion, every life is equal to another, no matter if it’s a fly vs a human…these tribes have lives, and spirits that need to be protected for their sake…please, protect these people.

  2. To president Alan Garcia, I think that as a society we have taken enough natural resources from the planet, do we really need to disregard the natural way of life that these people have established? It is time to add to our world not take away. They have quality of life and we do not need to take what is not ours! We should be learning from these people . We work our whole life in the hopes of ending our lives with the quality they have every day please ! protect these people , leave their world as it should be.

  3. Luann Walsh says

    Our Beloved Earth Mother and all Her Living Beings must be Healed for the sake of the Future Generations.

    Stop the Desecration and Destruction for the profit of corporations; or any reason.

    Protect all indegenous people and all other humans excluding corporations.

    Repair all existing harm and damage in the world and universal outer space.

  4. The land is not the governments property,we humans are only borrowing this world from our grandchildren.What do we want to leave our children the beautiful world that we actually could leave or a place ravaged by greed, and temporary comforts much of which we don’t need at all and wouldn’t miss if they weren’t available all these creatures comforts are despotac and take away from life not add to it.Will we humans every realize we are not contributing to the world,we do nothing to justify our species existeace,What makes us believe we are more important than the forest or a bee hive.I believe religion has convinced us were the center of the universe,what a horrible delusion that is.Even today we act as if we will live forever but I’m actually sure we will find out different we are a disaster as a species.We have even changed the course of evolution with our science it’s no longer evolution by nature choice we deciding who eats and who starve mostly based on our feeling of superiority and constant desire for more pleasure,But species and that’s what we are a species like frogs or polar bears.That waste as much time,energy or treasure on things like religion and new cars are just doomed to failure,the scientific evidence for that is overwhelming.
    We humans need to take our place in the world our intelligence makes us responsible for our actions .
    And I must add if we ever take up our responsibility it won’t require 7 billion of us .

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