Unraveling the Mystery of the Origin of Ayahuasca


For decades, researchers have puzzled over the mystery of the origin of Ayahuasca, especially the question of how the synergy was discovered between the the two components of the brew: the vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) with a monoamine oxidase inhibiting (MAOI) action and the leaf (Psychotria viridis or Diplopterys cabrerana), which requires that MAOI action to make their dimethyltryptamine (DMT) orally active.

Traveling Safely to Drink Ayahuasca


If you have decided to travel to Peru or other areas in South America to drink ayahuasca, I hope that you have a wonderful experience and return safely to tell everyone about your adventures. Here are several things you can do to help ensure that your trip is safe and productive.

Food Medicine Life


This is a path of uniting stories. An invitation into deeper relation with the many things that fuel, heal, and energize us; that which is alive all around us, co-creates with us. This a path of dissolving separation. A path of connectivity.

Visionary Nutrition


Featuring David Wolfe, Daniel Vitalis, Peter Gorman, and Morgan Brent, the course will explore numerous branches, among them: our natural diet, pro-active health, Cacao shamanism, remote Amazonia, the society of Nature, wild foods, domesticated people, amphibians, nootropics, plant dietas, imaginal hygiene, and the human flowering response. In the process, we’ll connect and create new perspectives with which to view, develop and inhabit the landscapes of spirit and vitality currently initiating.

Jan Irvin Talks with Steve Beyer

Steve with Flute

Steve Beyer is a researcher in ethnobotany, ethnomedicine, shamanism, and hallucinogenic plants and fungi. His interests center on the indigenous ceremonial use of the sacred plants — ayahuasca and other psychoactive and healing plants in the Amazon, peyote in ceremonies of the Native American Church, huachuma in Peruvian mesa rituals, and teonanácatl and other mushrooms [...]


Song of Vajra by Daniel Mirante

In visions and visionary art we often witness a sensibility that is not really a conventional beauty. It may be elegant, enchanting, intricate, but it challenges rather than succours us, it does not key into sentimentalised or strictly culture bound notions of beauty, but touches upon the ‘full cycle’.

Awakening The Cosmic Serpent II: Ayahuasca, Ancient Remedy for Modern Times


Join host Jeremy Narby for this Evolver Intensive online video course with guests Steve Beyer, Benny Shanon, Kenneth Tupper, Susana Bustos, and Martina Hoffmann to explore how Ayahuasca is transforming the lives of people around the world, challenging Western notions about healing, art, religion, and the intelligence of nature.

Ayahuasca: Beyond the Amazon – Risks and Challenges of a Spreading Tradition


By Stephen Trichter, Psy.D.

As the use of ayahuasca shifts to use outside of its original cultural context, we must examine how the spread of this healing practice can not only bring the benefits for which it was originally intended, but how its transfer into a new cultural framework potentially can also cause distress and harm.
(Painting by Augustin Lesage)

An Interview with Donal Ruane


An interview with Donal Ruane, Irish author, researcher and explorer, about his views on Ayahuasca, shamanism, plants, and his meeting with Pablo Amaringo. First published in Dreamflesh, a journal of altered states, archaic consciousness, prehistoric art and shamanism.

The One-Song : The Goddess of Interconnectivity, Animism and Art

The forests of Gaia

We slowly can come to understand ourselves as focal points of the Whole, learning to broaden our conception of ‘self’ to include communities, ecosystems, the planet and galaxy, and beyond. For all these compose the primordial definitions of our being.

The Tradition of Vegetalismo & Dieta by Lunaya Shekinah

After 8 years of integrated research and experiential learning on this topic, I wanted to write this article about the ancient South American shamanic tradition of Ayahuasca dieta. May this article demystify this beautiful practice, clearing up misconceptions and empowering informed relationships with the tradition.

Soul, Spirit and Right Relationship: A Conversation with Steve Beyer

Morgan Maher
Steve Beyer’s Singing to the Plants, writes Morgan Maher, is “a wild ride out and across the jungles of mestizo shamanism. The book, and its wonderful cast of characters, curanderos, animals, plants, spirits and stories presents honest, accurate, respectful, levelheaded and, at times, outrageously marvelous descriptions of the environments and climates of mestizo shamanism in the Upper Amazon.” Morgan interviews the author.

The globalization of ayahuasca: Harm reduction or benefit maximization?

This paper explores some of the philosophical and policy implications of contemporary ayahuasca use. It addresses the issue of the social construction of ayahuasca as a medicine, a sacrament and a “plant teacher.” Issues of harm reduction with respect to ayahuasca use are explored, but so too is the corollary notion of “benefit maximization.”

Mestizo Shamanism and Vegetalistas

What is mestizo shamanism? The Loreto province of northeastern Peru (and to a lesser extent to Ucayali province south of it) is virtually unique in Latin America in that indigenous shamanic practices have been adopted and adapted by the mestizo population, and become a part of the mestizo culture. While mestizo curanderismo is not unknown [...]

Ayahuasca and Kabbalah

Jay Michaelson
The ayahuasca trip is not especially unitive: indeed, one of its hallmarks is the sense of communication with other life forms or consciousnesses. And while a sense of “all is One” is sometimes reported in the midst of the ayahuasca experience, it’s more common to read reports of visions of phenomena – manifestation, not essence.

Hyperdimensional Consciousness

A true light pierces the encrustations around the heart and this is the beginning of a turing, a deep reorientation, from someone who looks at the past and regrets, to a reborn one who faces the future and the light.

Spirit Vine

By Daniel Mirante
A personal overview of Ayahuasca covering some indigenous traditions and phenomenological aspects.

Ayahuasca in the Upper Amazon: A Very Basic Introduction

By Steve Beyer
This post answers the very basic questions you may have been afraid to ask about ayahuasca in the Upper Amazon — what it is, what is in it, what it does, how it is used, how it fits into the religious culture of the region, and how it tastes. If you are new to the subject of ayahuasca, this is a good place to start.

Shamanism primer, from my experience

By Peter Gorman
Among the flora of the world as we know it, several plants are not just allies, they are considered Master Plant Teachers. You might extend that to read: Master Plant Teachers of Man. These plants might be considered gate keepers. These plants are the plants that allow us, we humans, to slow down enough to communicate with the mountains; to speed up enough to communicate with a hummingbird, to visit the other realms past and present and simultaneous that are here but that we don’t ordinarily see or hear within the band widths of our senses.

Santo Daime overview

“All who drink this holy beverage must not only try to see beautiful things without correcting their faults, but give shape to perfection of their own personality to take their place in this battalion and follow this line. If they would act this way, they could say, I am a brother” – Mestre Irineu


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